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James Goldman

+852 63968868 (Whatsapp) +852 34891318

Hollywood Road Studios, 19/F, IFC2, 8 Financial Street, Central, Hong Kong

Please contact James Goldman for availability, rates, client references & visit for his showreel.

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James Goldman is a cameraman based in Hong Kong. he specializes in filming in Hong Kong for international video productions independently, as well as, with film, news or video crews traveling to Hong Kong, from big production with Arri Alexa Mini / RED Helium / Dragon, to one man crew with multiple Sony FX9 / FX6 / FS7 / A7S / Blackmagic / Canon C300.

(please see filmography / credits below).

He is a go-to english speaking freelance cameraman (please google camera crew hong kong for reviews) and a one man crew in Hong Kong for well lit video interviews for branded content, corporate videos, documentaries and Live TV broadcast - multi camera EPK / BTS / ENG / Junket / behind the scene interviews and piece to camera shoot on location, without or with solid background, green screen, autocue or teleprompter. 

James speaks, reads and writes native level cantonese and mandarin Chinese. He works with global brands, corporations and broadcasters from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain including Apple, BBC, CNN, CNBC, Euronews, ITN, ITV, Mediaset, 9 news and more (please see cv / resume below, please contact us for client references).

He is experienced in getting clean sounds out of interviews on his own with gear he owns. James worked as a sound recordist on Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic.

When operating as one man crew in Hong Kong, James’s experience in A-listed Hollywood feature film and TV commercials ( enable him to double as a gaffer and grip with ease.

James constantly updates his filming locations in Hong Kong for beauty shots, stock footage, B-roll and GV (General Views). He rides a Segway Lomo for butter smooth camera movements.

Mobile 4G modems, SDI input to zoom calls and wireless communication he brings to the set, wherever the location,  allows clients to monitor, give feedback, approve, or even direct every shot remotely when necessary. He is familiar with and Media Shuttle, as well as WeTransfer, ftp, Google Drive, One Drive and other file transfer systems.

With (formerly A Cameraman Co.), his crewing company, James ensembles a full camera crew of seasoned, producer, director, journalist, sound recordist, gaffer, second camera operator, multi camera video panel operator and LiveU streaming operator, often in short notice. 


Selected Filmography | Credits
(Please contact us for full filmography / credits)  

Branded Content

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / DOP, The Michelin Man | Tribute To A Legend for Formula E / Michelin

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / DOP, Christian Fuchs talks business with DHL at Premier League season for DHL

Cameraman (Hong Kong)/ DOP / Gimbal operator, Hugo Boss Gallerist for Hugo Boss / The Telegraph

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / DOP, Two cameras interview and GV (General Views) for HSBC / FT (Financial Times)

Cameraman (Hong Kong, Taipei) / DOP, Industrial print solutions series for HP

Director of Photography  (Hong Kong, Taipei), Skin Care commercials for Procter and Gamble

Camera operator (Hong Kong) Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love Gig On A Wing Boeing Airbus A380 for British Airways

Cameraman (Shenzhen) / DOP, Branded Content, iRobot
Cameraman (Shenzhen) / DOP, Packaging McQueen for Alexander McQueen

Camera operator (Borneo), Corporate branded content, Private Banking Next Gen Sustainability Leadership for HSBC


Corporate / Internal Communications
Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop / line Producer (Hong Kong), Green Screen Virtual Production for Amazon Web Services

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, Three cameras interview and piece to camera for Apple Inc

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, Two cameras interview for Blackrock / PEI

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, Two cameras interview for Asian Private Banker Awards Interview

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / DOP, Two cameras interview for Adidas

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / DOP for Sierra Wireless


Broadcast / Documentaries

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, EPK / Junket, Transformers Bumblebee Press Junket Interviews for Sony Pictures

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, Two Cameras Documentary, 72 Dangerous Animals on Netflix

Cameraman (Shenzhen) / Dop, Three cameras Talkshow, Global Conversation on EuroNews

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, Spotlight with Chris Burns, on EuroNews

Cameraman (Hong Kong, Macau) / DOP, Three cameras Documentary, 60 Minutes Australia Crown Casino on 9 News

Cameraman / Dop, Documentaries with Producer Danny Vincent on BBC

Cameraman / Dop, Documentary on Hotel renovations (working title) on BBC2

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, Documentaries and Advertorials with Tiffany Rowlands on ITV

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Dop, Documentary, Episode 2, John Walker & Sons Voyager on History Channel Asia

Lighting cameraman, CNBC Meets Defining Values on CNBC

Live Television
Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Producer, LiveU streaming, breakfast television / morning show, This morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV

Cameraman (Hong Kong) / Producer, LiveU streaming, live television, Live from Hong Kong with Barbara D'Urso and Heather Parisi for Mediaset


Event Videographer

Videographer (Hong Kong), The New York Times Luxury Conference for New York Times

Videographer (Hong Kong), Searching Movie Event for Sony Pictures Entertainment

Videographer / steadicam operator, Elite Model Look in Shenzhen, Fashion Boot Camp for Elite Model Management, Paris, France and WHATEVER, from the Ballroom, New York, USA


Sound recordist (Hong Kong), for Air Crash Investigation Mayday Descent Cathay Pacific flight 780 on National Geographic.

CV Resume | Biography


James Goldman started in the media business as a TV anchor, then presenter on a public service broadcaster in his teenage years, then (BA) Journalism Studies at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall, United Kingdom. 


James worked in The Independent Newspaper in London as a photojournalist. He photographed John Major, London mayor campaigns, Buckingham Palace, Mayday Riots and David Bailey, as well as contributing work to Classic Books, Practical Boat Owner and Falmouth Packet. 


He then became a multimedia designer, working also with video and photography for Random Media in Mayfair, London, working on projects for Tony Scott’s Spygame and Ridley Scott Associates. His image of red smoke in large format E6 was projected on the Battersea Power Station, the largest projection in Europe at the time.


After 9/11, then, the disappearance of Daniel Pearl, James worked between NWFP (Afagani Pakistani border) and Oxford on a documentary and as a stringer for news agencies.


Arriving in Hong Kong in 2003, James joined Abacus Entertainment as a multimedia officer, producing trailers and movie promotions for film studios, HMV and Blockbuster.


He went on to join Salon Films Group as a creative director, creating promotional videos and developing feature films. He then worked as a Senior designer at a WPP agency for digital content and a video producer for Action Asia Events.


James then joined director of photography Peter Sova, ASC in his camera department on PUSH, a Hollywood feature film with Chris Evans, Dokada Fanning and Djimon Hounsou after working at the production office with producer Stan Wlodkowski for pre production and then stayed at the production office after the wrap of principle photography.


Having been a client of video footage and learnt from the best in the business. James set his eyes on new challenges and a more active lifestyle. He became a freelance cameraman in Hong Kong in 2012. He set up Camera Crew Hong Kong (Hollywood Road Studios / formerly to support his camera work. 


Since, James has shot, directed and produced via creative or advertising agencies, and occasionally directly for Adidas, AIG, Alexander McQueen, Alibaba, Arcadis, Apple Inc, Art Basel, AWE, AXA, BAFTA, British Airways, BBC, BlackRock, BNP, British Government, Blackberry, Boston Consulting Group, BVLGARI, Canale 5, Citibank, CHANEL, Chicago Booth University, Continental Jewellery, CNBC, CNN, Dauchel, DHL, Discovery Channel, DFS, Edelman, Elite Model Agency, Engadget, Eurosports, Evershed, Facebook, Fairmont Hotel, Formula-E, Google, Global Source, Italian Chamber of Commerce, ITN, Herbert Smith Freehills, History Channel, HSBC, Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA), Hugo Boss, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott Hotel, Mitchell, LaMer, National Geographic, Netflix, Olay, P&G, Paramount Studios, PBS, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Roger Dubuis, Shell Oil Company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Standard Chartered Bank, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Swarovski, Swissotel, TechCrunch, The Financial Times, The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Times, Thomson Reuters, Towel Media, Zara, 9News and more.


James still shoots stills and was honoured to be invited to be an official photographer for BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). Please visit for his photography work.


Contact James Goldman for rates and client references: +852 63968868 +852 34891318 Hollywood Road Studios, 19/F, IFC2, 8 Financial Street, Central, Hong Kong

Please also search Camera Crew Hong Kong on google for five star reviews on James Goldman’s work.

About James Goldman


While a Brit at heart, James is a citizen of the world. He is available for filming worldwide as well as shooting as a cameraman in Hong Kong locally for global video productions. 


While a diplomat, James is disciplined on sets. He prioritises creative visions and the shot list. He is on location to get the best shots, make the most of his time for filming and optimise the client’s return on investment.


James believes communication is key to great shoots and change is the nature of the beast in video production. One is none, two is one. He always comes prepared with a plan B.


He is naturally aligned with client’s goals, having been in client’s shoes and in post production for years.


His office in Central is at the heart of Hong Kong, minutes away from most global corporations’ regional headquarters. He is also a cantonese speaking permanent resident in Hong Kong. 


James reads, writes, swims, paddles, runs, hikes and enjoys adventure sports. He lives solo by the sea, 20 minutes away from the Hong Kong International Airport. He continues his creative work between shoots.

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